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The church I work for has a wellness incentive. If you exercise (and record it) at least three times a week for 30 minutes each time, fill out a wellness profile annually, and get a physical exam every three years (every year if over 40, I got awhile for that yet) then they will decrease the cost of your health insurance. As an exercise buff it’s pretty easy for me.

Yet, there is this cancer thing hanging over my head. I’ve been off chemo for almost four months and yet I have only lost 2 pounds. It’s rather frustrating because I know it isn’t all muscle. And just as luck would have it this week was time for my physical exam. My doctor puts me through the ringer, checking my lymph nodes, blood pressure, turn and cough, the general physical exam. Then comes time for the blood work.

Thankfully I had thought ahead and remembered that it needed to be a fasting blood draw, so I hadn’t eaten any food that morning. Got the blood work done and the next day received the call. The results: slightly anemic (white blood count down a little bit), good cholesterol down from the last physical, and bad cholesterol up, by quite a bit. Enough that the doctor told me to get plenty of exercise and eat better.

I kind of lost it. Not on the phone, it was after the phone call had ended. What do you think I’ve been doing since getting off chemo? I’ve been exercising 4-5 times a week (cycling, running, swimming), limiting my caloric intact (about 1,900 calories a day), and I still had high cholesterol. Ugh. Not the news I wanted.

My wife finally just told me, “Channel that anger and keep working at it.” And it was then I remembered what my oncologist said, “It will take time. Keep at it, the weight will drop.” So, I’m going to keep at it. I will get back to where I was before cancer took over in 2013. It may take longer than last time, but I am determined.

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  1. Keep at it, Nick! Forget what is behind and press toward the prize! (Phil. 3:13,14)

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