The Story

“But set Christ apart as Lord in your hearts and always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about the hope you possess.” –1 Peter 3:15

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Just recently I ran across an iPhone app called TheStory. I’m always trying to find different and new ways of sharing Jesus with people and this looked interesting. So I downloaded it, opened it up and realized I had to sign up for access. Usually when this happens it causes me pause, and this was no different. A lot of times when apps ask me to sign up to use them, I either delete them immediately or let them sit on my phone for awhile until I can do a little more research.

I’m glad I let this one sit. Just the other day I got around to checking it out and it’s an amazing tool in sharing the Gospel with someone. Through a six minute video (which you can watch here), the viewer is introduced to the purpose of Jesus Christ. The app also includes a way to do a short Bible study through the message starting with Creation, moving to the Fall, then introducing Jesus, and then looking at what happens in the end.

When you sign up for the app you are given your own “webpage” to send people through social media, text messages, email, etc… so that they can watch the video as well. It then keeps track of how many times the video has been watched, or how many times you have talked someone through the presentation if you use that portion of the app on your smartphone or tablet.

It’s a well done video and a well done app. I’m still working on how I can utilize it well. One idea I had which I’ve already set up is to embed the video on a page here on my blog. I’ve linked to it earlier in the post. I would encourage you to take a look. It’s a beautifully done video with a lot of thought put into what the narrator would say.

Now why bring this up? I mentioned in my last post (here) that a couple of themes have been coming up in the last year of my reading and study: Apologetics and Righteousness by Faith. So I’m going to be spending quite a bit of time on both in the coming months in my blog posts.

1 Peter 3:15 is a text that most Christian Apologetics point to as the basis for their purpose in defending Christianity:

“But set Christ apart as Lord in your hearts and always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about the hope you possess.” –1 Peter 3:15 NET

The phrase here in the New English Translation which reads “give an answer” is the Greek word apologia which literally means “to defend oneself.” This is why we call the defense of Christianity “Apologetics.” Peter is encouraging his readers to make sure they know Christ and can give an answer to whoever asks about the hope that they have. When you meet someone who truly knows Jesus there is something different about them, and many times people question that because they see it.

Now it’s important to note the difference between an apology (expression of regret) verse an apology (defense of belief or doctrine). Apology can mean both. Christian Apologetics is the study and defense of the Christian faith. There are Atheist Apologists, Muslim Apologists, Buddhist Apologists, and the list could go on. But because I am a Christian, I will be focusing on Christian Apologetics.

I’m looking forward to the conversations we will have. You don’t have to agree with me to engage in dialogue. I will respect your beliefs and arguments, and hopefully you’ll do the same. Am I an expert on this? No way! I’m still working through many of these arguments and ideas and I want to journey with others who may have the same questions. So, here’s to the journey!