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Kick Cancer in the Teeth

remissionOne year ago today I posted this picture with this blog post: Cancer in Remission. A few weeks ago I posted that it has been one year since I rang the bell and ended chemo. Today, officially, it has been one year since I was declared cancer free. You may not understand how significant that milestone is to me. Let me share with you why that is the case.

After I had the orchiectomy I was told that I was cancer free. We had expected that I would no longer need to worry about cancer and that I would be able to go on with my life. And so I did. I continued training for a triathlon, my wife and I got pregnant, life went on. Until less than six months later we found out that the cancer wasn’t actually gone, it had actually spread (read that post here).

At the six month mark after chemo both Julie and I were worried. Last time I didn’t make it past the six month mark. So when I did this time, there was celebration. And now I’ve made it to the one year mark. One year I have officially been in remission.

Now the statistics are in my favor (click here for a more in depth article about Testicular Cancer survival rates). Evidently the survival rate for someone like me with a regional cancer summary stage (meaning that the cancer had spread to nearby lymph nodes or tissues) is 96% after 5 years. That’s a good number. That number encourages me. If I’ve made it one year without a reoccurrence, then I’m looking good.

It’s been a journey, one that isn’t finished. I’m definitely looking forward to the many years I have ahead of me.

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  1. Praise God. You are in many prayers ascending on High. God has a special plan for you, Julie, Casey and Nicole. You are precious in His sight. He will never leave you nor forsake you. You are in His plans. Keep looking up. Grandma Johnson

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