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It’s Tough Being A Church Member


Last week I posted about how hard it is being a pastor. Which got me thinking, “How hard is it being a church member?” (Note: There is a little tongue and cheek this post (Ok, admittedly there is a lot of tongue in cheek. We can laugh right?), but there are some kernels of truth as well.)

So here are three reasons why it’s tough being a church member:
The Pastor Is Hard to Get in Touch With
Your pastor is your pastor. He or she is the one you turn to when you’re in the hospital (maybe), struggling with a Bible text (after you’ve tried Google), or when you just need someone who is pretty good at listening. The problem is, he’s hard to get in touch with. He’s always at some meeting or Bible study and getting in touch with the pastor is harder than seeing the green flash after a sunset.

You’re Expected to Give Time and Money
Who knew that the church needs money to keep the lights working, the water flowing, and the heating/cooling keeping us comfortable during the summer/winter? You mean it takes money to fund evangelism? Those Bible Studies aren’t free? Children’s programs don’t run themselves, they need volunteers? How was I supposed to know this when I joined?

I’m Here to Get A Blessing
If the pastor’s sermon isn’t good (in my eyes) I haven’t gone to church. I need a good quality sermon to meet my spiritual needs for the week. If the music isn’t what I’m expecting, I haven’t been to church. I’m here at church to get a blessing.

Hopefully we can all laugh because we’ve all probably felt one of those things at one point in our lives. Blessings!



  1. Other comments I’ve heard: “The pastor’s always on vacation.” “Why doesn’t the pastor’s wife get involved more?” “Why can’t the pastor be available for members instead of doing construction work on the church? There’s nothing wrong with the church the way it is.” “I’m too busy to help with ____________ (use your imagination).” Then there’s the comment from someone who sleeps through every sermon: “Wasn’t that a great sermon?!” Now that’s getting a blessing from the sermon through osmosis! If members don’t know about supporting church budget, they haven’t been very well informed pre-baptism. Could this be included in baptismal classes, “Support of the church 101” ?

    • All good Karen! I actually have a sermon series that I preach on giving (time, ability, money). But a class entitled “Support the Church 101” is a great idea!

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