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Chemo Round 3 and Beyond

chemo round 3

This latest round, two weeks ago, was definitely the hardest mentally. It was pretty bad physically as well, but mentally it was really tough. Knowing that round three could have been my last round was hard (the reason I’m doing four rounds instead of three can be found here), plus with all the physical issues I was having with round 3, let’s just say it was the toughest week of chemo thus far.

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The week started out pretty good, got my warrior face on at the beginning. At the beginning of every round I look at myself in the mirror and say, “Just 5 days. Let’s get it on!” I know it’s somewhat cheesy, but the mental game is big when it comes to chemo. The problems however, started very quickly.

I have found that each round I get more and more nauseated during the treatment and then subsequently I struggle with the nausea further and further into the next week when I’m off chemo. This third round I became nauseated quicker than the last two, and even in the middle of the week I was getting nauseated during treatment (which is why I’m not looking forward to round four with great anticipation). My wife understands how I feel as she has been pregnant during this time, so I can commiserate with her. But nausea is no fun.

Combined with the nausea was this icky feeling. Every smell set my gag reflex off, every time I moved I just felt icky. Getting through round 3 felt like a chore, felt like a never ending bad movie that you are forced to watch. All I wanted was the ride to end so I could throw up and be done.

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Thankfully it did, which meant it was time for my Neulasta shot. Instead of getting it on the Monday, I ended up getting pricked on Saturday (it was Labor Day weekend). So on top of the nausea and icky feeling, I got to have pain. Let’s just say the recovery week didn’t start out so good. But it ended well, my white blood cell count came up, and this week has been great! I’ve been able to get out of the house, eat salads again (I have missed this greatly), and not worry about germs for a whole week.

Round 4 starts next week. I am dreading what is to come knowing that it’s probably going to be a lot like the last round physically. However, mentally I can see the finish line. Mentally I know that this is the last round. Mentally I know that this is it, 5 days left, no more after this, next Friday I get to ring that bell. It is of course, all a mental game.


  1. I am so sorry Pastor. I hate being nauseated and pain both and everything else that goes along with chemo. I take it that ginger tablets, zofran and the pregnancy bracelet has been tried…..

    I pray that God will intervene next week Big Time.

  2. We’re praying and rooting for you, man. And I still have my head shaved. The kids said at the beginning that as long as you were in treatment, I had to keep shaving. Stay strong. You’re almost there.

  3. Tammy and Robert Mann

    September 13, 2014 at 9:30 am

    Pastor Nick, hang in there, you’r almost done. I too can understand the nausea and throwing up, mine comes with crazy dizzy, It’s no fun!! We will keep all of you in our prayers. God has not forgotten you, may he strengthen you and give you courage. Love and blessings to all of you!

  4. The road has ben long but the end of it is in sight, will spend extra time in prayer for you. Miss being there, but I know you are surrounded buy the love and prayers of all your friends and family, and I know The Lord has you in his arms and will give you the strength to get through.

  5. Five days is it!! The end is in sight so just hang in there!!

  6. Nick, your Conference Office family prayed for you and Julie today, as we have throughout your journey. May God strengthen you with a strong awareness of Hos presence with you and His love for you and your little family.

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