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Yesterday my family and I had what is called in my visit schedule an “Education Visit.” The purpose behind the visit is to help answer any questions that patients who are about to start chemo might have.

As we walked into the little conference room they have set up for this specific purpose, the first order of business is of course money. A financial advisor (Tammy) came in and went over the costs for each cycle of treatment. Let me tell you, it’s not cheap. Many times there are grant monies available for people going through chemotherapy. However, unfortunately for me, I don’t qualify and even if I did there aren’t any available for testicular cancer patients at this time.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“Chemotherapy and You” I think was the title of the 1998 VHS tape (yes…I said 1998, and yes…I said VHS) that nurse Jennifer put into the television. It was a general overview of what to expect when it comes to receiving chemotherapy. The video, while old, was fairly helpful. Most of the information I had already discovered on my own through my own research, but there were a few tips that I hadn’t come across.

Once the video was done nurse Jennifer came back into the room and started to talk with us about the types of chemo that I would be on. As I stated in a previous post (here) I will be doing four cycles of EP (Etoposide, Cisplatin). Jennifer spent quite a bit of time walking through the side effects of both drugs. It’s going to be an interesting ride as both drugs have some nasty side effects. But if Jennifer is any indication I am in good hands.

Once we were done discussing the drugs and various side effects, Jennifer brought up how the EP would be administered. I had three options; a PICC line (more info), a PORT (more info), or just sticking me in the arm every time. After talking about the different options we chose to go with the PORT. There is so much more freedom with the PORT as I can shower and bathe without having to keep it dry since it is under my skin (that surgery is on Thursday, I’ll update you on that later).

Then we had a quick tour of the infusion room where I will be spending my time while I’m getting treatment. Six hours a day, Monday through Friday at the beginning of each cycle is not going to be fun. But the room that they have set up is pretty comfortable. They have juice and crackers, comfortable lounge chairs, I can get up and move around, and wireless internet so I can keep my blog updated (or more realistically NETFLIX).

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As much as these next 12 weeks are going to be a pain, literally, I know that I’m going to be in good hands. And more importantly, I know that God is going to take care of me. I again want to say how much my family and I appreciate all the prayers, supports, and cards that we have been getting. It’s been a rough go the past couple weeks and the support has been incredible. THANK YOU so much. We relish the prayers and support.

One of the tips that I learned from the old VHS video was that attitude is important when it comes to chemo. A good attitude goes a long way while on chemo, and I already know that your support has helped me keep my chin up. Thank you!


  1. I am, and will continue to pray for you and Julie. Keep that attitude firmly rooted in Jesus, brother.

  2. Hi Nick, I’m sorry to hear you have cancer! Man–that is tough on you and your family. Katie and I will keep you in our prayers as you go through chemo.

  3. I’m so sorry that you and your family are facing this challenge–but so encouraged that they have chemo education nowadays! May God be with you through your treatment and especially with your wife as she continues her caregiver journey.

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