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Chemo – Day 3

chemo day 3

I just got home from my third day of Chemo. Usually they have internet at the clinic where I get infused and all, but today it was down. Throughout this whole process my doctor has been telling me that we will know how I will respond to the chemo by the third day. Either I’ll be totally wiped out, nauseated, and feeling just plain sick, or, sailing through. We’ll see how I feel by bedtime tonight, but so far I feel pretty good. While I’m very tired, I don’t feel nauseated or sick. So maybe I’ll be one of those who sails through (we can pray right?).

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Today as I checked into the infusion room the CNA directed me to choose a chair which was in the middle of the room. I love natural light, particularly as I spend about five to six hours in the infusion room. So I asked if it would be possible if I could get a chair by the windows. That threw a little wrench into their plans (oops!). I mentioned to the CNA that I’ll try to be less picky in the future.

Today went pretty well. Yesterday I had a headache as we started. I mentioned that to the nurse. She suggested that it could be that I was getting the anti-nausea medicine a little too fast. So she slowed down the drip for me and what a difference that made. No headache today! Definite win.

I think I’m finally getting used to carrying around an IV pole with several bags and tubes connected to me as I visit the bathroom. Maneuvering around with that pole in the bathroom can be difficult. You don’t want to kink the tubes, you don’t want them to fall off your shirt (the nurses tape it to your shirt, but I’m convinced that it’s going to fall off), and you don’t want them to get in your way. It’s a delicate dance but I think I have it down now.

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The major reason I’m updating my blog today is that the church that I work for (Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists) is currently in the midst of what we call Campmeeting. It’s a time where we get together and worship as a unified group of Christians. The pastors spend time setting up, leading out, and tearing down for the event. I find it to be one of the highlights of my year as my post is with the youth tent.

Unfortunately this year as all the pastors are up in Gladstone, Oregon I am here in Medford receiving chemo. Of all the pastors in the Oregon Conference I am the only one not able to be there. Today I received a text message and a Facebook message from one of the pastors up there. The link they sent was to a youtube video. Here quite a few of the pastors (and some others) decided to shave their heads in solidarity with me. I shaved my head before chemo started and posted it to Instagram and Facebook with the statues “My hair goes on my terms.”

Something I’ve learned through this process is that attitude matters. And I figure since God is allowing this to happen to me then I’ve got to put my trust in Him and take the bull by the horns and move forward. That was the feeling behind the picture and so I decided not to wait for my hair to fall out, I was going to shave it off before hand.

Well the other pastors caught on to that sentiment and put together this video to show their support and love.


  1. That’s the sweetest video I’ve ever seen! I’m praying for you and for your family as you journey down this road.

  2. Wow, Nick that is awesome. The video brought chills to my skin and tears to my eyes. It is so great to see all of the support. I hope they brought a lot of sunscreen to camp. haha.

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