On March 23, 2017 my second daughter was born. Here are five things I’ve noticed about her thus far:

  1. She has A LOT of hair. Seriously, it’s like a mop.
  2. She’s big for a C-section at 38 weeks (8lbs 12oz, and 20.25″ long).
  3. She loves to sleep. This has really been a blessing as she’s a pretty good sleeper.
  4. She’s really chill. What other baby do you know will let the nursery nurse poke them in the foot for the required blood tests and not even fuss or flinch. She didn’t even make a face, just went on sleeping.
  5. She loves to be held. With all the family and friends that have come through the hospital she has enjoyed being held by all of them.

As with every parent, I see the potential life that this little girl could live. Her whole life is before her. My daily prayer continues to be, as it has been since my oldest was born, “Lord make me the father You are so that my children will fall in love with You.”