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My Cancer is Back

cancer is back

“You’re blood work looks good, but your CT doesn’t look so good.” That was not what I wanted to hear after being told six months ago that I was cured. I went into the meeting with my oncologist in high spirit, and left dazed and confused. “What is going on?” I thought to myself as my son and I headed out to the car after the appointment. Needless to say I’ve spent much time in prayer about this the last couple days.

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The result of the CT scan indicated that I have an enlarged Retroperitoneal Lymph Node. That particular lymph node is located behind all the major organs and belly. If Testicular Cancer isn’t caught in time it spreads first along the lymph nodes. That is why I was scheduled to have a CT Scan every 6 months, to make sure everything looked good. If nothing is done then the cancer will spread from the lymph nodes to the lungs, then the liver, and then the brain. So the doctor ordered a chest x-ray which I will be getting early this afternoon.

After explaining to me what exactly was happening, my oncologist told me that he had consulted with an expert in the field here in Oregon and the suggestion is that I have a Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection (RPLND), aka very invasive surgery. This time instead of making a small incision to take the testicle out, they will be making a large incision, from the bottom of my sternum to just below the belly button, to reach back behind all the major organs and cut out the lymph node.

Because I was in shock with the news the only thing I could really do is nod and listen. I hadn’t really continued my research as to what would happen if the cancer spread because I was told that I was cured. When I got home I contacted Mike Craycraft from the Testicular Cancer Society to let him know (If you don’t remember who he is, click here). Minutes after I sent the message he replied stating that I needed to look into other options. Evidently the National Comprehensive Cancer Network has guidelines for times such as this. And with a Stage II Seminoma the guidelines state that I should proceed with Chemotherapy first. It is much more common that the RPLND is performed on someone with a Non-Seminoma.

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After giving my doctor a call (twice), he finally called back this morning. He had received a call from the doctor who would be performing the RPLND questioning the need of the surgery since it’s not usually done that way. So my doctor said that we would be going with Chemotherapy and that we needed to meet today to talk about that. I will give an update tomorrow about that conversation.

So we’ll be meeting later this afternoon to discuss Chemotherapy. The lesson learned, if you’re going through this you need to be your own advocate. Do the research (Testicular Cancer SocietyTesticular Cancer Resource Center are two great places to start), don’t be afraid to call out what you’re uncomfortable with. Don’t be afraid to reach out and contact people who have gone through it before. It’s your health and your life.


  1. Wow. What news, Nick! I wish it had been a clear scan… I’m praying for your strength as you move into this next phase. God is still with you!

    • I wish that it had been a clear scan as well. God has something planned, I just don’t know what it is yet.

  2. Sorry to hear that my friend. Back up to the top of my prayer list.

  3. Brother, I’m so sorry! What a roller coaster! Hug you son and wife tight, resting in the hands of Jesus.

  4. That is not the news anyone wants to hear. Nick, I am praying for you and your family. May you know His comfort, peace, and wisdom, as you process through the next days.

  5. Nick and Julie – we are so sorry to hear this. We serve a wonderful and powerful Savior, and He will be with you each step of your journey. There is power in prayer and there are lots of prayers being said for you and more to come. Have faith and be strong. We love you. Dan and Mary

  6. Brad and Madeline Parmenter

    June 25, 2014 at 11:00 pm

    Nick, Madeline and I are on your prayer warrior team and are here should you and Julie need anything! Much love, Brad and Madeline

  7. Jessi Purviance

    June 25, 2014 at 11:22 pm

    Still praying, old friend.

  8. Alma & Mel Johnson

    June 26, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    Nick, Julie,& Casey, You are all in our prayers. And your parents also.We love you so much and are asking the Lord to over rule Satan who is trying hard to destroy you. and your faith in Jesus. Keep your chin up. Remember. “In His time God makes all things beautiful in His time.” Grandma & Grandpa Johnson

  9. I heard of your news first from a mutual friend here at the seminary during a class. We prayed for you in class and Josh and I are continuing to pray for you.

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