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Cancer in Remission


It’s been about 8 weeks since my chemo finished, and about 4 since I got the news. But with my baby daughter being born, catching up on work, and getting life back together I have let the blog slide a little bit. So this will be a short post.

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A week after getting a battery of tests (blood work, CT Scan, and chest x-ray) I was at my oncologist’s office for the news. I had come a long way, it was four weeks after my last round and he looked at me and told me that all my tests came back looking good. I am in remission!

During the appointment my doc informed me that I sailed through chemotherapy better than almost all his patients. I’m glad he thought so. Sailing would not be the term I would call it. I felt like I stumbled through. But I didn’t get neuropathy, even though I struggled with nausea the last two rounds it wasn’t as bad as most of his other patients, and many of the side effects I just didn’t deal with.

Hearing him tell me that I was in remission was amazing. But then the question, “Can I ride my bike now?” And he told me, “Don’t push it, but you’re good to ride your bike now.” The picture above is from my first bike ride a few hours after that appointment. Can you tell I was excited?

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Life is not ever going to be the same. First of all, I will always have the scars on my chest from the port installation and removal. Just recently I have been struggling with how those look. For my brain, when I see them, I instantly think weakness and lost physical ability. Five years ago I worked so hard to get to the place where I was physically, and in three short months I about lost it all. When I see those scars I think about all I’ve lost.

But then my wife reminds me that when she sees those scars, she sees strength. She sees a warrior who battled cancer and won. Those scars represent the battle that took place. It’s going to take some time before my brain can come around to that kind of thinking, but I know it will.

Thanks again for all the prayers, good vibes, and well wishes sent our way. Our family greatly appreciates them. I only hope that my story can help other men realize that while the journey of testicular cancer is tough, it is curable and there is a great community of men who have gone through it before to help you out.


  1. Fantastic Nick! Every bike ride is a celebration now! My prayers will continue.

  2. There is One who carries scars for eternity and I’m guessing every time He looks at them, He does so with love. His strength is made perfect in our weakness 🙂 Larry and I are so happy for you, and that you can focus on your family, especially your precious baby, and the mission God has for you. Many prayers have ascended on your behalf and we rejoice with you!

  3. Wonderful news!

  4. Always remember that God’s promises are true and He has promised to be with us in all our trials and problems. In His time He makes all things beautiful in His time. We praise God for His love and care over all three of you.

  5. Praising God for HIs healing power!

  6. It was great to see you last Sabbath–you’re looking great! We both truly enjoyed your sermon & the talk later. I agree with your wife–the scars show your strength! Our great Physician must see His love for us in His scars. We know God has a mission for you & I will continue to pray for you every day. Bless you all.

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