AboutWho am I? First of all I am a follow of Jesus Christ. Jesus is my Lord and King. I follow Him wherever He leads. Secondly, I am a husband. My wife is important to me. She is my faithful friend, my companion on the journey of this life. Thirdly, I am father. A son who questions everything and finds excitement in building and using his hands. A daughter, curious about everything around her, and now another daughter just born. Fourthly, I am a pastor. It is more than a job (although I would like to think it is just a job at times) it is a calling from God. A call to shepherd stubborn people and cry with the broken.

All other things in my life are after these four important parts of my life. I graduated from Walla Walla University with a Bachelor of Art in Theology. I also attained my Masters of Divinity at Andrews University Theological Seminary. My passion in ministry is to preach the Gospel and see people understand the love of God and how that directly impacts their actions in life.

In my free time I love backpacking, camping, cycling, scuba diving, and pretty much any sport you throw at me. But not only that, I enjoy spending time with my family.

Currently I pastor the Sandy Seventh-day Adventist Church and have been there since November 2015.


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