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Cancer – 3 Month Checkup


Last Wednesday was my three month checkup. It’s actually been four months since my surgery, but three months since I met with the oncologist. As you can tell by the picture the news is good, and I have a lot more hair!

I entered the oncologist’s office, got weighed, blood pressure, the whole works (didn’t have to pee in in a cup this time) and waited for the doctor to come in and talk with me. He came in and after the pleasantries he said, “Well your blood work looks good, nice and boring.” We like boring by the way.

Boring evidently means good things in the blood world. It means my cancer markers are down, there doesn’t appear to be any evidence of reoccurrence of the cancer. He then proceeded to check my breathing, my lymph nodes, and my other testicle. And after all that he told me that I’m looking very good. This is a good thing because I’ve got a triathlon coming up soon and I really don’t want to lose any time for training.

Next step, in another three months more blood work and a CT Scan. Yay, barium…

Thanks for all the prayers sent my way. I really appreciate them.


  1. Praise be to God, for God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!!~ Will continue praying for you and your precious wife, Julie. May your triathlon be the best ever!!

  2. Praise God!

  3. PTL God is good

  4. Lloyd Dean Cooke

    March 24, 2014 at 10:39 am

    God is good. My psa continues to be 0. Very happy for you!!!

  5. Praising God all the way with you Pastor! We have an incredible, loving, Cancer healing God! My family is very blessed to know you and your beautiful bride! You are a blessing to us, and we are so Thankful for your healing!

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