• I Hate Neulasta – Chemo Round 2 Update

    Aug 12, 14 • Blog, Cancer5 Comments
    I Hate Neulasta – Chemo Round 2 Update

    Do you remember that time when you were going through growth spurts? The pain in your bones that you would feel as you body stretched and grew taller and taller? I had all but forgotten that pain, that is, until now. It’s past midnight as I write this and the bone pain that I feel [&hellip...

  • Chemo Round 2 Starts

    Aug 5, 14 • Blog, Cancer8 Comments
    Chemo Round 2 Starts

    Yesterday I started round two of chemotherapy. Here’s how I looked at the beginning of the day, I know, warrior-like. Unfortunately by the end of the day I felt like total crap. Attitude is important, but sometimes attitude isn’t enough to deal with the physical effects of the chemotherapy. During the whole treatment I just [&hellip...

  • Kicking Cancer in the Teeth

    Jul 29, 14 • Blog, Cancer7 Comments
    Kicking Cancer in the Teeth

    Last week was great! Each day I continued to get stronger and stronger, feel better and better. It was so nice not to be getting infused five-and-a-half hours a day with the chemo drugs. Strength keeps coming back, slowly, but surely. The only difficulty has been that I feel as if I am on home [&hellip...

  • Chemo Coma

    Jul 21, 14 • Blog, Cancer13 Comments
    Chemo Coma

    I don’t know if this is a thing because I really haven’t done a lot of research on it, but I felt like I was pretty much in a coma all weekend. - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - One week of chemo [&hellip...

  • Chemo – Day 3

    Jul 16, 14 • Blog, Cancer3 Comments
    Chemo – Day 3

    I just got home from my third day of Chemo. Usually they have internet at the clinic where I get infused and all, but today it was down. Throughout this whole process my doctor has been telling me that we will know how I will respond to the chemo by the third day. Either I’ll [&hellip...

  • Chemo – Day 1

    Jul 14, 14 • Blog, Cancer7 Comments
    Chemo – Day 1

    While I don’t plan on blogging every day, I figure that I should at least memorialize the first day of chemo with a blog post. I mean seriously, who isn’t curious about my first day of chemo? I know I’m totally wanting to read about what’s going on. By the way, I had some fun [&hellip...

  • Chemo Port Installation

    Jul 11, 14 • Blog, Cancer1 Comment
    Chemo Port Installation

    Yesterday was a very long day. I started out the day getting some work done in the morning before I had to get ready to go check in to the hospital. If you recall my last post (here) I mentioned that I was going to get a port put in for chemo. I don’t need [&hellip...

  • Chemo Education

    Jul 8, 14 • Blog, Cancer3 Comments
    Chemo Education

    Yesterday my family and I had what is called in my visit schedule an “Education Visit.” The purpose behind the visit is to help answer any questions that patients who are about to start chemo might have. As we walked into the little conference room they have set up for this specific purpose, the first [&hellip...

  • What’s Next

    Jun 26, 14 • Blog, Cancer3 Comments
    What’s Next

    We walked into the doctors office apprehensively, knowing that I would be heading towards Chemotherapy yet not knowing what type, how long, all the side effects, etc… I’m pretty sure we were last appointment of the day because my doctor took a lot of time to walk though all the different options and drawbacks (I’ll [&hellip...

  • My Cancer is Back

    Jun 25, 14 • Blog, Cancer11 Comments
    My Cancer is Back

    “You’re blood work looks good, but your CT doesn’t look so good.” That was not what I wanted to hear after being told six months ago that I was cured. I went into the meeting with my oncologist in high spirit, and left dazed and confused. “What is going on?” I thought to myself as [&hellip...