• Wellness Exam

    Jan 14, 15 • Blog, Cancer1 Comment
    Wellness Exam

    The church I work for has a wellness incentive. If you exercise (and record it) at least three times a week for 30 minutes each time, fill out a wellness profile annually, and get a physical exam every three years (every year if over 40, I got awhile for that yet) then they will decrease [&hellip...

  • Three Month Update

    Jan 8, 15 • Blog, Cancer3 Comments
    Three Month Update

    Well, it hasn’t been three months since I last updated, but close. I’ve been busy (new baby, catching up with work, car troubles). But once everything starts to calm down (yeah right), I’ll be updating the blog more often. Or, maybe I’ll just schedule some time each week to work on blog posts to make [&hellip...

  • Cancer in Remission

    Nov 17, 14 • Blog, Cancer6 Comments
    Cancer in Remission

    It’s been about 8 weeks since my chemo finished, and about 4 since I got the news. But with my baby daughter being born, catching up on work, and getting life back together I have let the blog slide a little bit. So this will be a short post. - – – – – – [&hellip...

  • Chemo is Done!

    Sep 29, 14 • Blog, Cancer3 Comments
    Chemo is Done!

    It’s been just over one week since I finished chemo. I am so happy to be done with that part of this adventure. This is the famed bell of the Oncology place that I was able to ring three times, very loudly. It was an amazing experience as many of the nurses spent quite a [&hellip...

  • Cancer – My Wife’s Perspective

    Sep 17, 14 • Blog, Cancer14 Comments
    Cancer – My Wife’s Perspective

    I just finished another day of chemo. Now there are only 2 days left! At the beginning of my chemo experience I asked my wife if she would be willing to put together a guest post, I wanted her perspective. So without further adieu, here is Julie’s perspective of our experience.  – – – – [&hellip...

  • Chemo Round 3 and Beyond

    Sep 12, 14 • Blog, Cancer6 Comments
    Chemo Round 3 and Beyond

    This latest round, two weeks ago, was definitely the hardest mentally. It was pretty bad physically as well, but mentally it was really tough. Knowing that round three could have been my last round was hard (the reason I’m doing four rounds instead of three can be found here), plus with all the physical issues [&hellip...

  • I Hate Neulasta – Chemo Round 2 Update

    Aug 12, 14 • Blog, Cancer6 Comments
    I Hate Neulasta – Chemo Round 2 Update

    Do you remember that time when you were going through growth spurts? The pain in your bones that you would feel as you body stretched and grew taller and taller? I had all but forgotten that pain, that is, until now. It’s past midnight as I write this and the bone pain that I feel [&hellip...

  • Chemo Round 2 Starts

    Aug 5, 14 • Blog, Cancer8 Comments
    Chemo Round 2 Starts

    Yesterday I started round two of chemotherapy. Here’s how I looked at the beginning of the day, I know, warrior-like. Unfortunately by the end of the day I felt like total crap. Attitude is important, but sometimes attitude isn’t enough to deal with the physical effects of the chemotherapy. During the whole treatment I just [&hellip...

  • Kicking Cancer in the Teeth

    Jul 29, 14 • Blog, Cancer7 Comments
    Kicking Cancer in the Teeth

    Last week was great! Each day I continued to get stronger and stronger, feel better and better. It was so nice not to be getting infused five-and-a-half hours a day with the chemo drugs. Strength keeps coming back, slowly, but surely. The only difficulty has been that I feel as if I am on home [&hellip...

  • Chemo Coma

    Jul 21, 14 • Blog, Cancer13 Comments
    Chemo Coma

    I don’t know if this is a thing because I really haven’t done a lot of research on it, but I felt like I was pretty much in a coma all weekend. - – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – - One week of chemo [&hellip...